17 August

Best WebAR campaigns of 2020: our 5 favorite experiences

Play AR games, meet the CEO of a wine brand, and even learn about U.S. election politics – you can do all this and more with WebAR campaigns released in 2020. Check out our top 5!


1) Corona Extra + the Texas Longhorns football team

Texas Longhorns is the name of the athletics team of Texas University. Corona Extra is their official sponsor. In this campaign, Longhorns fans could win 12 exclusive pairs of sneakers with the team’s logo. 

To launch the experience, you had to scan a QR code or visit the campaign’s page

A portal would open, transporting users to an idyllic beach, complete with palm trees and the sound of waves. Two comfy chairs, a bucket of ice-cold Corona Extra, and, hidden somewhere in the scene, a box containing a pair of sneakers. The task was to find that box. Once you did, you could take a look inside the box and enter the sweepstakes. 

Source: groovejones.com

Why ARzilla liked it: portals are great because they let you step into a different reality straight from your room. Sure, the 3D graphics here resemble computer games from 15 years ago. But you have to remember that the more detailed WebAR is, the stronger your internet connection has to be to load it. In the next couple of years, we’ll probably get to truly photorealistic WebAR, but for now, Corona’s effort is a success. 

The content was produced by Zappar. By the way, even though the sweepstakes is now over, you can still view the WebAR experience here.

2) Coca Cola #Refreshwherevs

This was the first WebAR campaign created specifically for South Africa. It was geared at the centennials, or those born between 1995 and 2008 – the first generation that has never experienced the world without the internet.

When users scanned a QR code on a Coca Cola bottle, they were taken to a web page containing a 3D face filter:

Source: mobilemarketingmagazine.com

Why ARzilla liked it: integrating WebAR into product packaging is a very strong marketing technique. If you tell the customer that something magical will happen if they scan a QR code on the packaging, they will do it. Then, once they are taken to a web page with fun AR content, they will be happy to share it. While there’s nothing particularly interesting about Coke bottles growing out of your head, it’s the surprise and novelty of the experience that matters.


3) Rose Digital, “Pay to Play”

U.S. presidential candidates spend hundreds of millions of dollars campaigning – mostly donated by their supporters. For most voters, it’s hard to even imagine such sums of money. Rose Digital helps you understand how much it really costs to become president of the United States – and how you could use that money more productively.

You can choose among the seven Democratic candidates that were still in the race back in March, when the WebAR experience was released, or among the 2016 Republican candidates. Their campaign expenditures in dollars are transformed into 3D models of things that money could buy: for example, student graduation hats representing the university loans that could be paid; wind turbines representing renewable energy, and so on.

Source: arpost.com

Why ARzilla liked it: we’re always happy to see WebAR applied toward education, not just marketing. Plus, it’s the first time we’ve seen AR content that focuses on politics. The agency found a very creative, non-partisan way to visualize large amounts of money: hospital ventilators are a particularly relevant touch.


4) Siduri wine, “Three Pinots, one choice”

How do you choose between three red wines that are all called Pinot Noir? The founder of Siduri Wine, Adam Lee, is ready to help you out in this beautifully produced set of WebAR experiences. Scan the QR code, point your phone at any flat surface, and a tiny Adam Lee will appear, together with three huge bottles. He’ll present the wines to you and talk about the awards Siduri has won. You can even play a game where you try to open a bottle with a waiter’s knife. 

One great thing about this campaign is that you can scan the QR code on the web page, not just on an actual bottle in the supermarket. So, those of you who live in countries where Siduri Wine isn’t available can still experience the WebAR content here

Source: arpost.com

Why ARzilla liked it: the idea of visualizing an actual person from the company is just great. It creates a feeling of human interaction and a stronger connection between the customer and the brand. Of course, a talking 3D model of a CEO is also harder to produce than, say, a face filter. But if you have the budget and are looking to engage an older audience, it’s worth it!


5) AB InBev + BON V!V Spiked Seltzer

Spiked seltzer is a slightly alcoholic drink that tastes like vodka soda. This outdoor advertising campaign is available in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Venice Beach in California. A huge advertising mural prompts passers-by to scan the QR code. Once you do, a huge vending machine materializes on the street in front of you – full of Spiked Seltzer, of course!

Source: Aircards.co

You can play with the vending machine to make it distribute your favorite Seltzer flavors. There’s also an integrated map with nearby store locations and an option to buy Bon V!v drinks online. 

Why ARzilla liked it: the option to buy a product within the AR experience is a great idea, and we think that in the next couple of years, it will appear in most WebAR campaigns. Here it’s implemented in the best possible way: users can both navigate to the nearest physical store through an integration with Google Maps and buy Spiked Seltzer online. This way you can capture even more customers.


Experience AR anywhere, almost instantly, without downloading any apps – this is the magic of WebAR.  While AR apps still deliver more detailed graphics, they are heavy and take time to install. Any app is a barrier between the user and the experience – that’s why we at ARzilla focus on WebAR instead. Want to try WebAR for your own business? Great idea – shoot us a message, and we’ll happily share some advice!

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